What You Need To Know

Everything you need to know to attend the gathering!

NE Bubbles & Blazes 2022 Gathering

Friday & Saturday, September 9 & 10, 2022
Informal dinner at local restaurant

Harvest Bible Fellowship
1125 Calkins Road
Rochester, NY 14623

Registration begins 9:30am - Set up garage sales, visit vendors, partake in  light breakfast
10:00 am - Gathering begins
4:00 pm - Gathering Ends

Activities include Swag bags from our generous vendors, two workshops, swaps, door prizes, raffles, garage sales, Ugly Soap Contest and more!

Cream Soap
Session and demonstration of cream soap making

Emulsified Sugar Scrub
Workshop on making an emulsified sugar scrub that exfoliates and rinses off well. Make your own!

Early Rate: $70 until May 31
Standard: $80 June 1 - September 4
At the Door: $90

Hotel Information:

What to bring:

Garage sale items and change for customers
Business/introduction cards
Money for garage sales and raffles
Product Swap items, if participating
Yankee Swap Box ($25 worth of items soapmakers would love to receive. Must be 21 to participate)
Ugly Soap and Pretty Soap for the Pretty & Pretty Ugly Soap Contest to enter. Bring extra B&B items to donate if you would like
Your loveliest self :)

What Else is Happening?
Friday dinner is a time to kick back, break the ice and have fun. Join us for dinner and a great time. We'll be giving out a couple of prizes, also! This event is optional and not covered under the gathering fee

Registration form:
Come back on March 8

Hotel Information

Vendor Policy:

We, the coordinators of the NE Bubbles & Blazes Gathering allow and encourage vendors to make their companies known to our group and attendees. We do not however, take responsibility for any transactions between vendors and individuals, nor do we serve as “police” or liaisons in any disputes arising between our group members or gathering attendees and our donating companies.

We will not be placed in the position of determining fault; nevertheless, if a transaction is grievous or if multiple complaints are lodged against either a group member/attendee by a vendor or numerous complaints are lodged against a vendor by group members/attendees, we reserve the right to suspend or revoke privileges such as, but not exclusive to: group membership, posting ads, hyperlinks and banners or membership or participation in communications and activities of the group. This will be done at the sole discretion of the group’s leaders.